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Sploosh Spray Painting

"Street Art is about doing what you love, and creating because you HAVE too, with the people who share your passion. All of these facets have afforded this underground community of outsiders one of the few remaining spaces where artists remain able to create authentically, outside their normal boundaries and limits, fostering creative works which reflect some deep, hard, and ugly truths of our societies."

- A.S.  (Owner, and Director of Sploosh Spray Painting)

Sploosh Spray Painting is expanding from art prints into street wear and casual apparel and household decor! Since it began in 2016 in the kitchen of a downtown one-bedroom studio apartment, Sploosh Spray Painting has been built upon a foundation of comfort-based design, master craftsmanship pairing quality materials with the latest in modern printing technologies used to redefine and bring a new dimension to the concepts of modern street and contemporary art, by designing wearable, practical, and affordable fashion and decor that remains unique and glamorous, without attracting too much attention.

At Sploosh we take pride in finding some of the most unique upcoming artists, and pushing them forward, as it is our vision to become a powerhouse in the urban fashion and contemporary art arenas. Today, we have stumbled onto something so special and so unlike anything else on the market, we don't quite know what else to call it, other than maybe “Trippy Hipster Garbage.” 

The new curated design collections of products now featured in the Sploosh Shop are a tribute to the mixed aesthetics that create our signature style. An ecclectic mix of urban-street and bohemian vibes, with traditional graffiti-style graphics, creates a fashionable and distinct line of versatile products and apparel. Graffiti graphic prints in bright resonating colors delivers a collection of modern, yet affordable style options making each of our products a comfortable choice for both formal or casual wear. 

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