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Sploosh: Confidential  is an ever-evolving lifestyle blog  dedicated to celebrating the creative process. Here you will find inspirational ideas and stories that will help keep you up to date on the latest ideas, trends, and current DIY projects. Our blog includes some behind-the-scenes looks into our studio, success and failures following tutorials or trying out DIY projects, and much more. 


We believe that by sharing both our successes and failures, we can help our readers find creative solutions to their own projects, and perhaps even give them the courage to fail forward at trying something new. We are passionate about inspiring others to express their individual weirdness through creativity, and we hope that this blog will help our readers make the most out of their creative process. Our goal is to inspire you to create, explore, and find joy in creating.


We believe that life should be a strange adventure, and we hope what you find on this blog inspires you to be brave and take a chance on trying something new or that scares you. So, follow along and join us in our journey to fail forward, paint everything, and to always

-Stay Weird - 


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