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Super soft and comfortable, unbelievably fluffy and warm, and stylishly snug, cozy up underneath a hooded blanket from Sploosh Spray Painting for whatever chill you're trying to keep away.  With these incredibly comfortable and soft hooded blankets from Sploosh Spray Painting, you can stay warm and snug all day and feel as though you never got out of bed. With their generous size each blanket provides ample coverage while still maintaining a lightweight feel and still offering plenty of room to snuggle up in warmth.


But! - What really sets our blankets apart is its unique design feature - elastic straps on the inside to keep it securely in place while lounging around, doing housework, or, as you curl up for a movie marathon.

Is It A Blanket? - Is It A Cape?

Either way! - Snuggle Up Wiith A

Hooded Blanket/Bed Cape

From Sploosh Spray Painting Today!

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