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Neon Splatter Shower Curtain - DIY

Cheap, Easy, and Fun way to Sploosh up your shower!

Difficulty: Easy

Project Time:

Under 1 Hour - Then Overnight To Allow Paint To Dry

Supplies: •Clear Shower Liner or Shower Curtain •Tubes of Neon Acrylic Paint ($1 or less each in the craft aisle) •Clear Acrylic Sealer (Spray) •Gloves/Goggles/Paint Clothes •Newspaper To Protect Work Area

•*Optional* - Acrylic Medium + Small Mixing Containers

(Budget Friendly - Makes Paint Go Farther!) •A Black Light To Show Off Your New Shower Curtain


  1. Protect Your Work Area - I used sheets of newspaper to surround the perimeter of where I laid out the shower liner. Mid-project I realized the paint couldn't drip the way I wanted it to with the liner laying down, so I tacked it against a wall and laid the newspaper underneath the drip-zone. Worked perfectly, hardly any mess! (It's only acrylic paint, if any paint gets away from you, it's fairly easy to contain with a paper towel)

  2. Pick Your Colors! - Heres What I Used: (Purchased each tube for less than $1 each in my local craft aisle) Just make sure they say "Black Light Reactive" somewhere on the label.

-Hint: Mixing these with some acrylic medium I already had, I only used 1 tube of each color for the whole project!

3. The Fun Part: PAINT EVERYTHING! =) Splatter that paint all over the place... err, I mean.. all over the shower liner! Seriously though, *GO NUTS!*

Concentrate your flicks and flings towards the top, depending on consistency of your paints, to give them space to do their drip-thang. (Yes, I said "thang.")

-Hint: At first I started out using the little sponge brushes I had used to mix the paint, by the end I was going at it raw, dipping my gloved-fingers into the colors and then flinging the paint the way I. (Way more fun this way anyway!)

We *had* to preview how it looked under the black light as it dried:

4. Let your curtain/liner dry at least overnight before hooking it up to the shower. I also sprayed the heck out of it the next day with a can of spray-on acrylic sealer. - I let that cure according to the directions on the can before finally getting to rave with my rubber ducky every bath time.

After hanging your new paint-splatter shower curtain, the challenge will be figuring out just where to put the black light in your bathroom. =)

5. Some Final Notes:

In the video you can see I hooked up a string of LEDs going around the wall - They were made for an RV Awning, and so were waterproof as they were meant to be used outdoors. - Use common sense with water/electricity when setting up your lights!

Also in the video, you can hear the shower running, and if you look closely, you can see the best feature of our bathroom, which also happens to have been the inspiration behind what started this whole project... The Rainbow LED Shower Head! XD

If you try this idea out for yourself, I'd love to know how your project came out! Comments, messages, and pictures encouraged!

That's it for now, until next time!

-Stay Weird

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