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"New Year" 7-Day Design Challenge!

-(Sploosh 2022: Electric Boogaloo)-




-*(Details On How To Win A Free SPLOOSH T-Shirt Below!)*-

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It happened again...

The email came, much in the same style as the email sent out by Printify last October calling for artists and designers to sign-up and compete in the: Halloween "Boo-October" 7-Day Design Challenge

It Read:

"Out with the old, in with the new! It’s time for all our talented designers to participate in another Printify Design Challenge that’s packed with amazing prizes. Enter our contest for a chance to win a cash reward and a bonus gift as well!" - Copyright © Printify"

We all know that creating art is a lot of hard work, but it can be even more challenging when we’re working by ourselves, and now, we're working on a deadline..

We’ve all experienced our fair share of tragedies and triumphs in the past year, and that very same experience gives each of us a unique perspective on the world around us. Sometimes, it can feel like being adrift, and you're just "going through the motions" to get from one day to the next... But, if you can step back and look at the big picture – you start to see that there are actually some pretty bright colors left in the world and those colors are coming from some pretty interesting things that seem to keep happening all around.

Why are these kinds of challenge so great? - What better way to embrace the oncoming year than by being challenged to grow as an artist and designer and also letting go and leaving behind a really weird dumpster fire of a year that was 2021 that we all somehow survived, than by resolving to face this new opportunity head-on and get the creative Sploosh-juice flowing to produce an improvised design per day, without disrupting or neglecting all the other responsibilities of daily life, in order to, at the very least, brush away the meta-cobwebs from the digital shelves of the Sploosh Shop and make room for the awesome new and original stuff you haven't created yet.

Plus, with all these new designs about to hit the market, everyone gets to celebrate the start of a new year in style! Contests like this gives everyone a chance to be part of the fun New Year’s celebrations, and the promise of a new beginning for the upcoming year.

The Rules:

"During the challenge, you will receive one design task per day, for 7 days total.

Each day, you will receive a new theme and you will have to:

  • Create a design according to the daily challenge theme

  • Head into our Mockup Generator and place those designs on any t-shirt of your choice from the Printify Catalog. You may choose any t-shirt type and color you like. Click ”Preview” in the mockup generator and save that image on your computer. You can do so by clicking on ”download mockups’’ button on the bottom left corner.

  • Done!"

On February 8th, you will receive an email with a link where you will have to upload all 7 designs. You will have 24 hours to upload your designs."

-(Copyright © Printify)

May the odds be ever in your favor...

Challenge Accepted...

Designing 7 shirts in 7 days to compete in a design challenge is no easy task, and true colors came out front and center in the designs I submitted, and even in the handful of the "extra" ones that I created but didn't quite make the final cut for the final mock-up submissions.

The ones that did not make the final cut are still available to purchase, however!!! -


- Yes! -

-The 2022: Electric Boogaloo New Year Design Challenge Collection-

Is on *SALE!*

Until the contest winners are announced!-


on the Sploosh Shop on Facebook and Instagram.

(@splooshpaints on each platform!)

And just like that it was over…

Sploosh Spray Painting entered and completed another 7-Day Design Challenge,

and 2021 seems like it was 10 years long, 10 years ago…

Can’t wait for 2023!..

Winners will be announced February 22, 2022!... While we're waiting for the results to be announced, the new Sploosh-able 2022 T-Shirt Collection are already *LIVE* and available for purchase in the Sploosh Shop! Send some LOVE

or just let me know which designs are your favorite, or which are your un-favorites!

-*Leave a comment*-

Under your favorite design for a chance to


Day 1 - "Being in Love"

Day 2 - "Lockdown"

Day 3: "Travel"

Day 4: "Beach T-Shirt"

Day 5: "Something Badass"

Day 6: "Working From Home"

Day 7: "Pets"

Everyone who leaves a comment here, or on the

Sploosh Spray Painting Facebook/Instagram under their favorite design,

with their preferred color/size will get their name in the hat for a chance to


- (Name will be picked at random after the contest winners are announced!)-

**Remember to leave size/color preference in the comment in order to win!

Each platform gets your name in the hat once. - That Means:

-Comment on Facebook, Instagram, and here on the Sploosh Files: Blog-

-For *3* Chances -


Sploosh 2022: Electric Boogaloo Collection T-Shirt!

(Make sense?.. Good!)

While you’re there, don’t miss out on the

Curated Valentine’s Day *SALE!* Collection!

-Items for him/her/they and them! Going on RIGHT NOW! -

The Valentine’s Day “Feel The Love” Sale

is going on *NOW*

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on Facebook and Instagram

(Ends Feb. 15, 2022!)

(@splooshpaints on each platform!)

-Love is fleeting, and so is this sale!-


Is Forever…

See the entire Curated Collection of Valentine’s Day items,

along with the fresh

2022 New Year Design Challenge Sploosh-ables

currently on *SALE!* over

@ The Sploosh Shop on Facebook and Instagram!

-(Sploosh 2022: Electric Boogaloo - Sweatshirts and Hoodies are on their way too!..)

Better Hurry!...


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