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Sploosh-Tober - 7-Day Design Challenge

I received an email from Printify calling for participants for their "BoOctober T-shirt Challenge"

"Challenges – quite often they terrify us but when it’s reward time, you win big – scary big! This year you get to express that inner terror during our Halloween challenge! Printify is challenging you to create 7 unique Halloween-themed designs in 7 days. Each day, you will get a new task, where you get to show us how frighteningly creative you can get. "

-Read more at:

Copyright © Printify

Of course I signed up! The challenge ran from October 11-17 2021, and I very much enjoyed the excitement each morning as I waited for the email containing the challenge for the day. Now, the challenge is over, the results are in, and I'm reluctant to announce that I did not place in the top 3. =(

My congratulations goes out to the winners! They came up with some awesome designs, you can check them out at the link above. ^

Despite the loss, I learned a great deal during the competition that I never would have encountered had I not competed. The best thing I took away from this experience, is 7 new original designs that I am making available in multiple sizes and colors over in the shop!

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