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Writing On The Wall (And Keeping Your Security Deposit) -Indoor Graffiti Tag Wall-

Graffiti Therapy / Studio Practice Wall

Difficulty: Easy

Cost: -As Much Or As Little As You Want To Put Into It (Or As Much Wall Area You Are Able To Sacrifice)


-Same as above, once set up.

-Setup took me less than hald an hour if that ro get the paper where I wanted it, and to tape of the seams to minimize anyt chance of drips bleeding through and damaging the paint job underneath. Truth be told some paint did sneak through, but it was so minimal it was a very easy single coat cover-up with a few dabs of primer.


-Make sure to cover the floor as well just in front of the wall area, as there will probably be a splash-zone, plus it gives you a place to put down even the messy suppiies ifd needed. I was lucky to be able to do this in a work-room serving as my spray painting studio, so the floor was a non-issue and the whole thing was ventilated as well. For young ones too young for rattle cans I kept a jar a paint markers nearby and they, for lack of a better pun, "went balls to the wall" as soon as they realized they were allowed to write on the wall. (Definitely Scored me some fun uncle points!)

-On that note: Please do not spray paint ion a closed area. Use protective gear and common sense.. If that is not a possibility, due to any number of reasons, the graffiti wall is still a great canvas for markers, acrylics, anything that you *are* able to use in your creative space, *GO FOR IT!*

-If you're going or have already done a version of this project for your own creative space, we would love to see what your walls look like!! - PLEASE comment here or shoot me an email or a message on socials! [@splooshpaints]

-A cool perk to this project is having guest who come by sign the wall before the head out. It became a giant guest book in my studio.

Lastly I cannot stress this enough:

>>>Practice safety and do all of the common sense things!...<<<

Sploosh Spray Painting - Graffiti Tagger Unicorn With Paint Cans
Wear Protective Gear! Say Yes To Air! Only Spray Paint In Vented Areas!

Materials + Supplies:

-Staple Gun, and/or Thumb Tacks

-Painters Tape For The "seams"

-Rolls of Craft paper, gift wrap, anything to cover and protect your actual wall (and security deposit) -I used some rolls of extra crafting paper which needed to find itself a purpose other than something to trip over in the paint room.


-It's not hoarding if it's craft supplies...

[Don't let anyone tell you otherwise... You don't need that kind of negativity in your life!]

All you can do is keep going,

Take what you got, and


As a wise homeless philosopher once said:

"It's Garbage *CAN,*

Not Garbage CANNOT."

-Oscar The Grouch

-Alternatively: Newspaper could do the trick, but I would definitely miss that "blank slate" feeling. On the other hand, It may be fun to incorporate the headlines/comics/whatever printed ends up showing into your artwall art. (?) - Why not? - Word searches and crosswords just got more interesting/vertical? Hmm...

Other than that, once your wall is protected to your/your landlords satisfaction, and you crack a few windows, it's game-on just bring your creativity and whatever paint/color medium you got and start to...



[Keep Sploosh Weird!}

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-I saved my favorite part of this project for last! If you were concerned about your available wall area being to small to bother wondering what to do when the wall is full of all the art you are going to art all over it?

>Put More Paper Over The First Layer. Keep Going!<

-Just Be Sure To Take Some Pics Before Covering Up!-

-Please Share Your Projects! - We'd Love To See Them!!-


You Now Have The Largest/Coolest

-Graffiti Therapy Wall + Family Album/Living Scrapbook!!-


Until next time, have fun, be safe, paint everything, and as always


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