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-Soul Vibe-

Soul Vibe is a unique lifestyle collection exclusively from Sploosh Spray Painting which embodies positive energy, good vibes, and soulful living to grant everyone the courage and freedom to be whoever they want to be.


Soul Vibe features bohemian and New Age style jewelry, hats, and more. We offer a wide range of styles, ranging from Gothic, Bohemian, to Vintage ensuring that everyone can find something they love. Our pieces are carefully chosen and ethically sourced to provide high-quality items that will withstand the tests and trends of time. We're committed to providing our customers with the best possible shopping experience, and we're always updating our collection with new and exciting items!


We at Sploosh Spray Painting  believe that living a soulful life is about being true to yourself, following your heart, and embracing your individuality. Our goal is to help people connect with their innermost desires and find joy in everyday moments.  Our mission is to inspire people to connect with their true divine nature and live a life of purpose, passion, and peace and we strive to help those seeking to find their soul purpose and create a life they love!



-The "Soul Vibe" Collection:

The “Soul Vibe” Collection from Sploosh Spray Painting is a bohemian and spiritual set of designs and curated decor combining New Age and vintage influences reflecting the harmony between vintage and New Age influences. Our designs reflect natural beauty and celebrate the individuality and spiritual essence of a free-spirited lifestyle expressed through fashion and spiritual wellness. We believe that style should be fun, expressive, and unique, so we offer a wide range of products that let you create your own individual vibe with your clothing and in your living space. 


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